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mmorena's Journal

Michael Morena
7 September 1970
I am nothing special. Just an ex-circus-clown Massage Therapist/Systems Administrator/SideShow performer.

Yes another one of THOSE!

But seriously I really am a Systems Administrator for a major entertainment advertising firm, I really am an Masseur (masseuse is the feminine), I really do eat fire, walk on glass, and perform other sideshow stunts in my spare time, and I really was once a circus clown.

I have also had jobs as a plant waterer (great stories: it is amazing how freely people talk when you have a job that makes you invisible to most people), A juice peddler (you know, the guy in the supermarket offering you free samples of something hoping you will buy it. I knew better), a Adult video store clerk (more stories), a collections agent (I stopped when I started having the urge to key MY OWN CAR!), and a Magician.

I have a gorgeous wife (pzonivy) and lots of pets. I am Polyamourous and an Ethical Slut.

So what else do you want to know?